Obtaining eNamad

One of the important factors for the development of e-commerce, is building confidence and trust among users of electronic services. According to investigations, the visit of a website and consumer confidence in the Internet is as follows:

1. Identify a business owner and referral in case of bugs.
2. Complete and correct information of goods or services provided.
3. Product warranty and provide after-sales service.
4. Clearly, the process of returning the goods and withdraw money.
5. The preservation of personal data and financial buyers.
6.Be a trusted website approved by an institute or organization.




According to studies the greatest impact on consumer confidence in internet business  is where a consumers can trust an ecommerce website that has been approved by an organization and in case of a dispute consumer can file a complaint.

In Iran the Development of electronic commerce Center is responsible for the security infrastructure and granting a symbol of e-trust security (Enamad) to online businesses.

The grant of Enamad  for e-business websites is to regulate the activities of Internet businesses.You can see the Enamad logo at the top of their websites. Organizing commercial sites in the country, especially B2C e-commerce environment will be the most effective step to make. So people can buy with trust  via the internet because consumers ensure that the site will operate their obligations and consumers' rights are recognized.

Since obtaining the Enamad is a governmental process, Rad Web made the process of obtaining enamad  easy for its clients.We do all the work for you so you can have trusted website.

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